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Einherjer have announced their latest full-length, “Dragons of the North XX”. In addition, the band has issued a music video for the song “Dragons of the North”. You can check out that video HERE:

“Dragons of the North” was originally released in 1996, the golden era for Norwegian extreme metal. As one of the pioneers, Einherjer have been in the forefront of an exploding genre for more than two decades. 20 years later, Einherjer presents you “Dragons of The North XX”, re-recorded version of a cult classic for the older generation, and a hidden gem for new fans of Viking Metal.

Einherjer: Dragons of the North XXTracklist:
1. Dragons of the North
2. Dreamstorm
3. Forever Empire
4. Conquerer
5. Fimbul Winter
6. Storms of the Elder
7. Slaget ved Hafrsfjord
8. Ballad of the Swords
9. After The Storm

“Dragons of The North XX” out on November 25! You can pre-order the album HERE, or pre-order the digital version via iTunes HERE.

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