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Today, Icelandic black metal upstarts Endalok stream the entirety of their debut demo, Englaryk, at heavily trafficked tastemakers Noisey – Music By Vice. Set for international release on October 7th via Signal Rex, hear all of Endalok’s Englaryk exclusively at THIS LOCATION.

Hailing from the currently-hot Icelandic black metal scene, Endalok bear many of the same immersive traits as their established countrymen, but on evidence of their opening Englaryk salvo, the secret-so-far entity exhibits a startling uniqueness that belies its young years as a band. There is a ghostly aspect at work across the four-song/18-minute Englaryk that’s as deceptive as it is swift. The four songs seemingly disintegrate under their immediately-lumbering weight, only to waft like vapor trails into soon-to-be-distinguishable shapes. This shadowy dance continues throughout the demo’s duration, as different beyond-the-shade textures come into focus, only to wither away again, instilling a sense of slow-motion vertigo within the listener. And it is at this largely somber, ceremonial pace where Endalok are most engrossing, and where shattered shards of melody fall where they may.

Endalok: EnglarykTracklist:
1. Hræ Guðs Fargað
2. Óhugnaðurinn
3. Englaryk
4. Formlaust

Desolate and yet majestic in a manner not usually associated with such an appellation, Englaryk is a penetrating first taste of Endalok, and one that will be later released on vinyl after its initial cassette run. Hear the demo in its entirety exclusive HERE, courtesy of Noisey – Music By Vice.

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