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Newly formed label STARWOLF RECORDS has teamed up with Glacially Musical to stream The Grand Noir by blackened metal band Eschatos. The album is set to be released this Friday on limited edition cassette.

Stream the full album in advance of its release at THIS LOCATION.

Pre-order The Grand Noir HERE.

Eschatos: The Grand NoirTracklist:
1. The Grand Noir Rising
2. In Whole Alone Is Good and Elsewhere Nowhere
3. The First, the Last and the Living
4. On the Divine Names
5. Feast of a Thousand Beasts
6. Sterile Nails and Thunderbowels (Silencer cover)

Eschatos’ latest composition, The Grand Noir, is a journey through dark passages and grim misfortune. The six tracks on the album are chaotic, brooding and blackened. Eschatos showcase their ability to create a nightmarish soundtrack that even Nosferatu would approve of. Black Metal enthusiasts that like to stray from the crooked path should enjoy The Grand Noir for its traditional single note riffing and furious drums but also for its witching vocals and symphonic breakdowns.

To truly understand what Eschatos is, look inside your own abyss. Look inside those things that make you feel condemned, uncomfortable and wary, things that make you raging mad and rabid, things that make you feel hateful. This is the fuel that burns the black flame of art that is Eschatos – untamed, lawless, pure and destructive.

Void and chaos is where all things are born, and so was Eschatos.

EschatosPress release provided by Dewar PR.