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Montreal Progressive Black n’ Roll band FROSTBITE release ‘Etching Obscurity’ video from their upcoming album due to release February 5th 2016 via Tmina Records. The video can be viewed HERE:

Active since 2012, Montreal’s FROSTBITE are a collective of diverse musicians who’ve coalesced their respective and wholly unique influences in an epic and honest pursuit at harnessing the sound of the harsh, frigid, bleak Canadian winter.

Following the recording of their 2013 Through The Grave EP, the band traversed many treacherous passes and darkened chasms – obstacles that spelled the end for several weary travellers. Carrying on, the lone remaining member – founder and multi-instrumentalist, Max Allard – recruited several experienced expeditioners along the way. Together, they stood side-by-side, staring up at the daunting peak of creative progression.

With experience and fortitude as their guide, 2016 sees this band of five at their creative apex – ready to stake the banner of Progressive Black n’ Roll atop its magnificent summit with their debut full-length effort, entitled Etching Obscurity.


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