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Lacuna Coil
A little more than thirty minutes after I woke up today, I expected the usual slamming of press releases and other material in my inbox to mildly amuse me. However, it was the intrigue around a new Lacuna Coil album that immediately sparked my interest, especially since I was completely dumbfounded over the fact that there was even going to be a new one. Exhaling a sigh of disgust I expected the worst, but what I was greeted with immediately put a great deal of hope in my heart…

Lacuna Coil: Delirium

Century Media and Revolver Magazine have teamed up to debut a brand new song from the group’s forthcoming effort Delirium, titled “The House of Shame”. It’s also the first song off the album entitely, and man is it heavy. I’m not talking general mainstream goth rock standards, I’m talking a return to gothic death doom influence you’d find from the likes of Tristania and early Theatre of Tragedy. While not exactly either of those two groups, it sheds a whole new light on the band entirely, allowing the range of every member to shine through with a dismal as hell performance offering rays of hope during the still downtrodden chorus. Yes, Andrea Ferro even lets loose some growls, and Cristina Scabbia finally gets a chance to show off how powerful her voice truly can be.

If you haven’t checked out the lyric video for “The House of Shame”, you can do so HERE:

The following quotes are taken from the aforementioned press release:

Cristina Scabbia states: “Everything feels different this time in the LACUNA COIL camp. It’s something I can hear it and something I can breath. A new wave of confidence, a renewed essence and pure drops of energy sweating out of our pores. I can’t wait to show it to all my friends and welcome you all once again in our family. Trust me, this is a Delirium you will feel the NEED to be part of.”

Andrea Ferro further adds: “Delirium is not the beginning of a new chapter in LACUNA COIL’s life; it is the beginning of a new book! We’re really excited about starting this touring cycle with such a fresh vibe, meeting old and new friends around the U.S. and get such great touring companions. We’re just writing the first page of this book and it is already a crazy one.”

Marco Coti-Zelati continues: “We’re all super excited to finally be coming back to the US and we’re ready to kick some asses with the greatest album that we’ve ever made! New line-up, new sound, a new vibe and new emotions. I can’t wait to see the reactions from the audiences when they hear the Delirium songs played for the first time. Fresh, dark and powerful emotions all at the same time. The strength and heavy approach of thrash metal from the ‘90s – in a modern style. To me, this is the album that I think will be exciting to both of our older AND newer fans. I’m excited, and ready to have some fun on stage, while we spread the ‘Delirium’ to the people.”

Ryan Blake Folden adds: “For me, I am truly excited to get on the road and play some new material. This is the first record I got to be a part of with the band and I can’t wait to finally see people reactions to songs that I have been really excited about for over a year now. Not to mention, I’ll finally be expressing myself on stage in a way that I haven’t been able to do in some time, having up until this point performed music that predated my arrival to the band. With the manifestation of the theme, costumes and artwork, along with the music, the band creatively and passionately poured itself into making this something special.”

Does all this make me excited? Well, as someone who has grown insanely bored of their mainstream material, yes it does. I’ll admit though, I didn’t see this coming. With Broken Crown Halo, I was able to see a change brewing, but to unleash something as monsterous as this was completely unexpected. Hopefully this at least kind of reflects the album as a whole, as it really is time for the band to finally spread their wings and cut loose the way long-times listeners have known them to be capable of, and not just some kind of twisted litmus test we’ll see nothing more of on the other ten tracks.

Lacuna Coil is will be heading out on tour with Butcher Babies, 9Electric, and Painted Wives in support of Delirium, which is due for release on May 27th through Century Media Records. Check out the dates below, as well as the notes on certain shows involving lack of support, as well as direct support to Halestorm.

Tour Dates:
Sat/May 07 – San Francisco CA – Social Hall *
Sun/May 08 – Los Angeles LA – The Roxy
Mon/May 09 – Phoenix AZ – The Marquee
Tue/May 10 – El Paso TX – Tricky Falls
Thu/May 12 – Dallas TX – Trees
Sat/May 14 – Cherokee NC – Cherokee Event Center #
Sun/May 15 – Richmond VA – The National #
Tue/May 17 – Davenport IA – Adler Theater #
Wed/May 18 – Madison WI – Majestic Theatre *
Fri/May 20 – Traverse City, MI – Ground Zero *
Sat/May 21 – Flint MI – The Machine Shop
Wed/May 25 – Brooklyn NY – Saint Vitus ^^
Thu/May 26 – Uncasville CT – Mohegan Sun Wolf Den ^^

# – Direct Support to Halestorm – LC Only
* – no Butcher Babies
^^ – no support

Lacuna Coil

Article written by Apoch Weiss based off a press release by Century Media Records.