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Lethal Steel

Lethal Steel is a new band coming from Sweden, who just inked a deal with High Roller Records. In 2012, the band issued their first demo which was limited to only 50 copies, and started to play in smaller venues in their home country. Guitarist Johan Frick explains: “The demo was recorded at Fryshuset during a couple of weeks in May of 2012. We recorded it all by ourselves”.

Lethal Steel: Legion of the Night

The title of Lethal Steel’s first album for High Roller Records is “Legion Of The Night”. The album includes eight traditional Heavy Metal anthems, and will be available on January 29, 2016, as CD and vinyl LP. “The album was recorded with the help of Olof Wikstrand from Enforcer. It contains five completely new songs, two old tracks that we never recorded (“Into The Void Of Lucifer” and “Nattsvart”) plus “Nocturnal Seductress”. We are all happy with the results. Some songs are based on folklore. For example “Night Of The Witch” is about a Swedish lore in which witches travel to a mythical place called Blåkulla, where they feast with the devil” explains Johan.

Regarding the band’s influences – of old and new bands alike – Johan states: “It’s hard to say which old bands have been the most important to us, but of course Heavy Load are a huge influence. All the members of Lethal Steel met because of a common interest in old bands like Jonah Quizz, Gotham City and Mindless Sinner. So for us, all of those bands have been essential for Lethal Steel forming in the first place. We are the only Swedish band playing genuine Heavy Metal at the moment though, at least that’s how we see it”.

Lethal Steel

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