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Portugal’s based trio MACHINERGY has just released a new video for the song “Sounds Evolution” from the 2014 album with the same name HERE:

The band spent the last months working on this ambitious videoclip. “We record it all in chroma key. This technique allow us to create the background we wish during the editing.”, Rui Vieira [vocals and guitar] says.

“Sounds Evolution” is dominated by green tones and there is a reason for that. The song deals with the unstable and fragile Mother Nature but it goes further than that: “We wanted to denounce the big business that nature is nowadays. Big worlwide corporations could care less about pollution. In fact, they advocate it and make us pay tons of taxes in the name of recycling and other stuff but at the same time they produce in Pakistan, India and China anyhow, at any price. That’s why the chorus is “Beware the green lie”.

MACHINERGY has so far released two studio albums, “Rhythmotion” [2010] and “Sounds Evolution” [2014] and the EP “Rhythm Between Sounds” [2012].

Machinergy: Sounds Evolution

Press release provided by Machinergy.