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On April 25th, Invictus Productions is proud to present the debut album of Canada’s Occult Burial, Hideous Obscure. Perfecting their craft over a trio of demos and contributing a track to the cult Evil Spells, Volume I compilation alongside the likes of Possession, Throaat, and Spite among others, Occult Burial at last attack with a full-length that feverishly displays all that’s been bubbling in their cauldron the last four years.

Occult Burial: Hideous Obscure

1. Intro
2. Blasted Death
3. Black Adoration
4. Jackal Head
5. Ancient Returns
6. A Witch Shall Be Born (Daughter Of Darkness)
7. Hades Son
8. Hideous Obscure
9. Occult Burial

Every aspect of Hideous Obscure screams the most obscure and fucking EVIL elements of mid ’80s metal: from the band’s logo on down to the cover art and the album’s song titles, Occult Burial “walk the talk” with a scuzzy, sepulchral sort of speed metal that could’ve hailed from Germany, Brazil, or their home of Canada some 30+ years ago. Furthering that authenticity is their alignment as a power-trio, much in the way that legendary forebears Sodom and Destruction did it in the early days – and even going so far as to sartorially sport the obligatory “Tom Angelripper bowel cut.” With a mood-setting intro and then on to eight blasts of black-as-pitch HEAVY METAL, the evil invaders of Occult Burial possess eardrums and corrupt souls into the ways that are Hideous Obscure…

Occult Burial

Press release provided by Invictus Productions.