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OnegodlessONEGODLESS released the music video “The Calm”, coming off their debut album “Mourner” which is to be released June 9th 2017. Watch the video HERE:

“The music video illustrates the message of the lyrics” Zielhorst states. “It’s about saying your farewell to all before you die, being at peace with the end of your life. As the artwork inside the CD Digipack, it’s about the progress of being closed off to the world, then opening up, to the end where you’re open, and at peace with dying”.

“The Calm” is the last of three singles of the upcoming debut album “Mourner”, which will be released on June 9th. You can check out the lyric video for “From the Ashes” HERE:

Be sure to check out the lyric video for “Countless Hours” HERE:

With a total running time of over 43 minutes, the album will surely give you the finest in their self proclaimed genre HEAVYSTONERLUESGROOVEROCKSLUDGEMETAL. To avoid hearing loss of the fans, the CD will come with earplugs, as the music is best enjoyed with the volume at level 11. Unable to develop a digital form of earplugs, ONEGODLESS will not include this feature with the digital (downloadable) formats of the album. Earplugs will be available through their webstore on a later date.

Onegodless: Mourner

With the release date for the album is near, the crowdfunding campaign closes on May 26th.

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