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One week after announcing the release of their first full-length album, “Heavy Over The Home”, Australia’s death-metal goliaths SANZU now drop the first single from the ten-track record titled “Those Who Sleep In The East” via a YouTube clip.

Containing footage from recent live shows, the video for “Those Who Sleep In The East” premiered today courtesy of No Clean Singing at HERE:

Pre-orders for the album are now available in various bundles at THIS LOCATION.

Recorded by Sanzu in Perth – Australia, and mixed and mastered by George Lever from G1 Productions in Somerset – UK, the new album “Heavy Over The Home” is set for release later this year, on December 3rd and follows up this year’s critically acclaimed EP “Painless”.

“Ever since the release of the ‘Painless’ EP we have been working around the clock writing, recording and preparing for the album,” commented vocalist Zachary Andrews.

“Our debut EP ‘Painless’ came from a place of spiritual and musical naivety. The title was chosen to almost make fun of ourselves for thinking “yeah this will be easy, piece of cake, painless!” when in fact, Sanzu almost didn’t make it through the production phase and it’s possible we wouldn’t still be here today. It wasn’t intentional but ‘Heavy Over the Home’ is significantly darker in theme and sound. Although we still very much have retained the Sanzu sound, this record feels like a different place entirely. This is a concept we hope to continue with each album if possible, exploring the different realms of music and art within the vessel of this band, without sacrificing what is loved in our sound.”

The album artwork for “Heavy Over The Home” was created by Andrews, who said the following about its concept: “The artwork we chose is the antidote to the harmonic character of ‘Painless’ EP. Far more chaotic and violent in nature, the spirit has been disturbed and has taken it upon itself to tamper with the limits of reality. Now a more primal energy is tearing it’s way through matter in the midst of a cosmic tantrum, looking for answers. Finding itself dissatisfied and uncomfortable within any space. It brings unto the world all that which it brings unto itself.”

For more updates on Sanzu and their new studio album visit their Facebook page HERE.

Sanzu: Heavy Over the Home

1. Old Orchard Floor
2. Phenomena
3. Ubiety
4. Tailor
5. Those Who Sleep In The East
6. Heavy Over The Home
7. Arrival
8. The Chill
9. Loss
10. Colorblind


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