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Sapremia (Death metal, New Jersey, USA), Visions of the Night (Death/Black metal, Toronto, Canada) & Descendency (Thrash, Delaware, USA) will start their new tour next month!

Sapremia, Visions of the Night, Descendency

Tour Dates:
July 01 Utica,NY @ The Dev
July 02 Endicott, NY @ Downtown Quarterbacks
July 03 Worcester, MA @ Ralphs
July 08 Wilmington, de @ Bar XIII
July 09 Queens, New York City @ Gussy’s Bar
July 15 Allentown, PA @ JabberJaws
July 16 Kingston, ny @ The Spruce Inn

Sapremia (also sapraemia) n. Blood poisoning resulting from the absorption of the products of putrefaction.

Sapremia was established in 1990, releasing two acclaimed demos in the early 90’s..1992’s Subconscious Rot and 1994’s Existence of Torture. In 1996, the band went on hiatus until 2006. Quickly upon returning to the scene, Sapremia was signed by Open Grave Records (cali) and released Hollow (Ep, 2007) and With Winter Comes Despair (Lp, 2008). After years of touring the US and Canada, Sapremia found a new label home in Butchered Records (buffalo) and released Autumn’s Moon (Lp, 2013)

Visions of the Night began in 1999 and have toured USA, Japan, Australia, Taiwan & Korea. Their new stage show includes a sniper, an alcoholic doctor and the air wall of death including WWII airplanes! The visuals plus the incredible songs (mostly from their cult ‘Guerrillas within their Midst’ release) make their concerts a completely unforgettable experience.

Delaware “Thrash-Heads” DESCENDENCY; established 2007.
Continuing to bring their live, undisputed, brutal thrash attack to venues around the Mid-Atlantic Region. New album, Vestige Human, due summer 2016.


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