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Skeleton Wolf
Indiana Blackened Thrashers SKELETON WOLF have joined forces with Invisible Oranges for the premiere of new song “Bow Down to Death” from the band’s forthcoming debut album. Grab a neck brace and stream it at THIS LOCATION.

SKELETON WOLF will release their self-titled debut album on June 10. Check out the album trailer video at HERE:

SKELETON WOLF is an extreme metal band that will have you headbanging until you tear your neck meat in two! Catchy guitar work, heavy vocals, and machine gun drums come together to forge a metal assault that is sure to have you raising your horns. Taking the old school do-it-yourself mentality, the band handles everything from writing the tunes to shipping them to your doorstep. SKELETON WOLF is sure to please listeners of bands such as GOATWHORE, AMON AMARTH, IMMORTAL, and recent ONSLAUGHT.

The album will be available for purchase on June 10 at THIS LOCATION.

Skeleton Wolf: Skeleton WolfTracklist:
1. Bow Down to Death
2. At the Sixth Foot
3. M.P.F.F.
4. Whatever Demons
5. Eternal Lies
6. She’s Insane
7. Forever Awake

Guitarist Brett Schlagel began tracking his beastly guitar riffage late February of 2015. After compiling the first round of venomous tunes, Vocalist Tim Green unleashed his vocal raid upon the embers of the metal forge. Jeff Mason (bass) later joined the horde with his dungeon shaking bass lines blistering through the speakers beneath the double-kick offense. This lethal trinity, hammering heavy tunes upon the anvil of the mighty metal gods, will split your cranium down the center with their infectious style of blackened thrash.

Skeleton Wolf

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