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Do Skonu
On December 16th, via Forever Plagued Records, Ukraine’s Do Skonu return with their fourth and most promising shamanistic black metal opus, fittingly entitled Hell. Empowered by the raw nature and darkness of mankind, sole visionary Varagian erects the elaborate portraits of his Carpathian journeys in musical form and guides you for a glimpse into his world of smokey fog and mystical rites that promise nothing but unadulturated black metal, from the oldest formulas transformed into this wicked entity known as Do Skonu. War-stricken and unknown as to what atrocities lie between each day, escape into the shadows of this blackest entity!

Forever Plagued will release this opus on vinyl LP and cassette tape formats. The LP will come on black vinyl limited to 300 copies with 12×12″ insert, and the cassette, limited to 150 copies, will come on red translucent cassette with Side B containing the rare, only alternate mix of the album. The first track to be revealed from the album is “Black Witching Flame,” which can be heard at Forever Plagued’s Soundcloud HERE:

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Do Skonu: HellTracklist:
1. Black Witching Flame
2. Wormwood Star
3. To the Night…
4. Great Threshold
5. Lightbringer
6. Death to the World
7. Plague Devouring the Earth

Do SkonuPress release provided by Suspicious Activities PR.