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PissboilerThird I Rex have issued the following press release regarding signing Swedish doom/drone act Pissboiler and their upcoming full-length album:

“When talking about heavy music, a band has been always on our list over the past year and a half. We are absolutely honored for having the chance to collaborate with a colossal monster of doom for one of the most incredible releases of the year!

“We welcome today in our family the Swedish juggernauts PISSBOILER!”

After one of the most insane demos back in 2015, these guys didn’t waste time but rather focused onto sharpening their weapons, deciding to take a step further their sound and approach to fuzzy riffs, amps worship, and sinister sludgy patterns.

A little taste of this came with their latest release, the split album with Deveikuth but more is about to be unleashed!

Let’s talk it through, this is no more the classic sludgy band PISSBOILER have been back in the days. These guys have seriously taken their sound to a completely different level and the result is a corrosive yet melancholic mix of sludge and funeral. A devastating hymn to darkness and pain.

The upcoming work takes full hands from this latest incarnation to reveal a band which is not afraid to dare and is instead looking forward to put a spell on all doomsters and extreme music fanatics out there. This is the unholy union of bands such as The Funeral Orchestra and Arche!

A total blast!

PISSBOILER consists of Karl Jonas Wijk, Pontus Ottosson and LG.

Originally the band started with a focus on releasing music rather than playing live.

However, some intense rehearsals led to a couple of gigs in 2016. PISSBOILER mixes death, black, doom and drone metal with a lyrical theme heavily reflecting the depression and despair that one easily can feel trapped in when dealing with mental health issues.

Following up the 2014 debut “Demo 1”, with their first full-length album release PISSBOILER takes the listener on a journey inside a psychotic mind. You exist in a nightmare and while being able to interact with all the horror around you, you realize that you are trapped and cannot get out. Production began during the dark winter nights of December 2016, and with their motto of letting the writing process take as much time as needed, mixing of the album was not finished until six months later. Many hours of as loud as possible amps later, Pissboiler is finally ready to unveil its latest trip!

PissboilerPress release provided by Third I Rex.