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TOTALITARIAN. The shadowy nihilistic black deathmachine is now about to spread the poisonous ashes of its first full-length manifest. The 56-minute opus, both massive and elusive, entitled “De Arte Tragoediae Divinae” will unleash the purity of its will onto those who are eager for a more penetrating enlightenment.

The time has never been riper.

“De Arte De Tragoediae Divinae” full stream HERE:

The compact disc and digital version of “De Arte Tragoediae Divinae” are being released on April 30, 2017, by courtesy of Barren Void Records. Official CD distribution is handled by Lavadome Productions.

A thousand years will pass and the guilt will still not be erased. There will be no conquerors and no conquests… Only charred bones of the dead.

TotalitarianPress release provided by Barren Void Records.