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German Black Metallers TOTENGEFLÜSTER announce artwork + Track list for third studio album “The Faceless Divine” to be released on, October 11th 2019 via Black Lion Records.

German Black Metallers TOTENGEFLÜSTERannounce artwork for third studioalbum “The Faceless Divine” to be released on Friday, October 11th 2019 via Black Lion Records.

“We see this album as a huge step forward for us as indivudals and artists. The upcoming eleven Songs and the whole runningtime of over 50 Minutes will lead you into a more intense and darker direction than we did with our previous albums.

“The whole album is produced completely by TOTENGEFLÜSTER including the Mix, Mastering, Recording and Artwork. We work hard to realize this and give you the strongest TOTENGEFLÜSTER album we can deliver!

“Stay tuned for detailed informations about constant infos to our production process of The Faceless Divine”

– Totleben (June 2019) –

The album will be distributed worldwide under the banner of Black Lion Records and its partners.

01 – The Arrival of the Withered
02 – On Carrion Wings
03 – The hollow Wanderer (Cursed)
04 – The Hunt
05 – Affliction
06 – Extinct Paradise
07 – Entflamme mich!
08 – The Faceless Divine
09 – Vermin
10 – Reise eines verlorenen Geistes
11 – Requiem

‘The Faceless Divine’ will be released on October 11th via Black Lion Records! Stay tuned for more upcoming Details!

Press release provided by Black Lion Records.

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