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Bodybag: Predominance of Insanity

This time around we’re going old-school grinding death. So old-school, in fact, we’re looking at the project with former Machetazo member Dop on vocals and drum! I’m talking, of course, about Bodybag and their debut release, a twelve-inch MLP titled Predominance of Insanity. You can also get this as a digital download from label Living Dead Society through their official Bandcamp account as a Name Your Price download! While the physical edition is far, far more superior for this raw slab of classic metal brutality, you can at least download it and check it out if you don’t have the interest, or the funds, to obtain that pressing from Madrid, Spain. I know, the shipping, especially to here in North America, can be as brutal as a set of Cannibal Corpse song lyrics.

Check out the stream above, then CLICK HERE to download it. Of course, you can also head over to the label’s website and pre-order the vinyl version, which drops July 1st, or the band’s own Bandcamp account HERE and lay down €666 for the digital version. Completely your call there…

Article based on a public download made available from Living Dead Society.