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Stendhal Syndrome: The Edge of Life

Ever since the inception of Killswitch Engage, Unearth, and As I Lay Daying, metalcore bands have become a dime a dozen. It’s growing increasingly difficult to find any with even a shred of anything unique or too memorable that doesn’t stir up an urge to listen to the pioneers that clearly inspired it. The Edge of Life, however, carries itself as more of a darker answer to those projects, as if the Austrian answer to “What is Dissection were a metalcore band?” Sure, nobody really ponders that, and lumping those two in the same scenario is almost blasphemous in its own right, but, aside a few traits more akin to modern deathcore (i.e. some one chord chugs) that’s the level of melodic melancholy that comes through in this sombre debut outing that really hits you. Get ready to get the fuck down! Six feet to be precise…

Check out the stream above, then CLICK HERE to grab your digital copy of it!

Article based on a public download made available from Stendhal Syndrome.