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The Atrocity Exhibit: The Atrocity Exhibit

Grind freaks of the world, prepare for The Atrocity Exhibit. Perhaps taking their name from the two discs baring the title from legendary thrashers Exodus, this grindcore/sludge/crust-punk three piece from the United Kingdom are no strangers to the scene, having formed in 2006 and unleashing heir debut self-titled EP in 2008. The band released another self-titled EP in 2013 through Wooaaargh Records, which has made its way on Bandcamp as a Name Your Price download thanks to Rip Roaring Shit Records! Just over ten minutes of raw grinding excellence awaits you, so get it before its gone!

Check out the stream above, and CLICK HERE to download it, or order the seven-inch in your choice of three colors.

Article based on a public download made available from Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records.