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Oath of Damnation: The Descent

From the shadows of the city of churches, Adelaide Australia’s OATH OF DAMNATION have unleashed their debut album, ‘The Desent’. Comprised of members from both BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS and DARKLORD, OATH OF DAMNATION delivers 7 symphonies of dark, brutal, and blackish death metal to punish the senses and hurl them into a cosmic spiral, down towards the deepest depths of hell. All shall be damned!

You can now hear a track of the album entitled ‘Wrath Of Formosus‘ below:

‘The Descent’ CD version was independently released by the band at the end of April and can now be obtained along with T-Shirts from the band via Facebook page and Bigcartel site.

In Europe, ‘The Descent’ CD is available through Lavadome store.

Oath of Damnation

Press release provided by Lavadome Productions.