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The fine folks at Adrenaline PR have started spreading the word about Union, New Jersey Alternative Rock group, Raftree. The band just issued a new single, “What I Say,” which is available as a free download on their website. Yes, this style isn’t really something I’m a fan of, but I decided to give it a shot.

The song is a precursor to the band’s upcoming EP, The Long Way, and if it’s anything like this song, it might be worth checking out. “What I Say” is a solid performance all around with some catchy, yet edgy riffs. The drums are incredibly simple, but effective for the Alice in Chains-esque approach the music takes. There are some slight twisted riffs with a harsher vocal output that gives it a darker atmosphere briefly, and the clean singing does work out well, though not during the layered enthusiastic vocal pushes.

“What I Say” is far from an original performance, but for an Alternative Rock band, it doesn’t sound like the same generic recycled garbage you constantly hear on the radio. For me, the track isn’t enough to get me to run out and own the release, but Reftree have crated a solid enough performance that will peak your interest. If you care to hear the song, or even download it, you can do that here.

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