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A numbered list of my personal CD collection outside the office.

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A list of albums released in North America during 2011.

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A list of all releases that came out in North America during 2010.

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All upcoming releases in North American for 2012.

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Advertise: Please contact with the subject line “ADVERTISE” and let me know what you want to do. The rates are as follows:

  • top banner: 725×87 $6 per week / $15 for the month
  • top box: 255×255 $3 per week / $6 for the month
  • mini side banner: 255×100 $2 per week
  • site domination (all three): $10 a week / $20 for the month

– Prices not based on clicks or impressions, just general cost. Tax is included.
– Will also supply with click statistics at end of paid week/month if requested.

General Inquiries I love hearing from readers and getting their feedback, whether it’s positive or negative! It’s one of the things that keeps me working hard at this site. You can reach me at

Review/Coverage Requests: This is aimed more to new and/or unsigned bands (specifically new ones). If writing for any coverage (feature article, exclusive, review, etc.), I require a press kit including the following be included:

  1. Contact Information: Please include a contact e-mail.
  2. Biography: I need some background on the band that includes things such as year of formation, band members, your current location and so on. Please include a list of previous recordings as well. If a biography or “about us” page like this exists, please include a link to it at the very least.
  3. Photos: I need artwork of the new recording, a band photo, as well as the band’s logo in .jpg format. Minimum definitions are 600 width x 250 height.
  4. Social Links: Please include all social links you have for the band such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, even Myspace. Also please include any third part store links such as Bandcamp.
  5. Streaming Material: If you have anything already streaming, please link me to include it in the review. This includes Youtube videos (not live), Soundcloud, ReverbNation, Bandcamp, etc.
  6. A COPY OF YOUR RECENT RECORDING! I cannot stress this enough. If you want coverage, I need a copy of your latest recording. I also need some information about it if the recording has a concept or specific theme, as I’ll be damned if I can figure it out without lyrics and vocals impossible to decipher. See below for information on how to send music.

Digital Media: I DO NOT DO STREAMS DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND MY CONTROL! If you are sending the album digitally, please just send it to with the above press kit requirements. MP3 or WAV file only. If 50 MB or below, you can send a ZIP or RAR file directly. If over 50 MB, please do one of the following:

  • Secure Transfer Site: Please use a site like WeTransfer, Dropbox, Skydrive, etc. DO NOT send Mediafire as this site contains viruses.
  • Bandcamp: Please include a download code if it is not “Name Your Price.”
  • Soundcloud: Use a private stream and make the download option available.

Physical Media: Please send the release or releases you want covered (any format accepted, just make sure it is packed securely) to:

Jason Apoch Weiss
2225D State Rt 92 Hwy
Pittston, PA 18643

PLEASE NOTE WHEN SENDING MUSIC: I do not accept streaming links (if you insist, I will get to it when I can) due to circumstances beyond my control, or music from outside parties such as fans of the band. Please only send if you are authorized to do so, such as you are a member of the band, a record label, a pr company, or anyone authorized to distribute media.


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How to advertise on Apoch’s.