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Panopticon: Roads to the North

PANOPTICON has never been a typical black metal band. Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Austin Lunn’s heartfelt, vitriolic blend of anarcho-crust, Appalachian folk, and atmospheric black metal is a unique entity, and his impressive recording history is a testament to his devotion. The band’s previous effort, Kentucky, was rightly hailed as one of 2012’s finest extreme metal albums, and now, with the imminent release of Roads to the North, 2014 has unearthed its first truly great album.

NPR Music is currently streaming Roads to the North in its entirety as part of the media giant’s exclusive First Listen series, commenting, “This is a triumphant, ebullient metal record that steps outside Panopticon’s curveball mixture of American folk and metal (black- and melodic death-metal, in particular) but also makes a space to rein everything in.”

Listen to the album and read the rest of the writeup at this location.

Lunn’s latest effort and fourth full-length sees him break new ground for the project and explore Scandinavian death metal in all its melodic fury. It’s a dynamic, stirring album, and one that will completely enrapture all who stand in its way. Praise has been pouring in from every corner of the globe. The album features a litany of guest talents and close comrades, including members of Waldgefluster, Celestiial, Blood and Sun, Obsequiae, Altar of Plagues, Vit, Austaras, and Vukari, and was engineered & produced by ever-prolific sound wizard Colin Marston. Lunn himself utilized a wide range of instrumentation to realize his vision, from dobro and banjo to mandolin, Native American flute, and keyboards as well as his customary guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. It’s an overwhelming musical work, and one that stands tall amidst Lunn’s untouchable discography.

Roads to the North marks a paradigm shift in Panopticon’s sound, but also stands as the first collaborative action between like-minded partners Bindrune Recordings and Nordvis Produktion. The album is now available for preorder on deluxe 2XLP and CD at this location; Bindrune will look after North American sales, with Nordvis handling the release in Scandinavia and Europe.


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