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Perditions Temple

Today, black/death barbarians Perditions Temple premiere a graphic new video for “Chambers of Predation”. The track hails from the band’s new album, The Tempter’s Victorious, recently released by Hells Headbangers, and the video for “Chambers of Predation” was filmed in conspiracy with Unearthed Films for the upcoming DVD release of an AGP (American Guinea Pig Series) film entitled Bouquet of Guts and Gore. As Perditions Temple guitarist Gene Palubicki expains, “I felt that many of these images from the film worked quite well with the subject manner of the lyrics to the song ‘Chambers of Predation,’ and as a fan of hard, extreme, and violent film, this was a fine fit to tie in with this sort of thing. The band footage was shot on traditional VHS tape camcorder – same camcorder used in film production – and the scattered and swaying camera action and unpolished visual approach ties into the scheme of the films timeline of a mid ’80s-period look, where most band footage from underground shows/rehearsal rooms was likened to.” The video for Perditions Temple’s “Chambers of Predation” can be viewed HERE, but WARNING: many extremely graphic and NSFW images contained within.

The American band’s first album for new label home Hells Headbangers, The Tempter’s Victorious follows Perditions Temple’s celebrated debut album, Edict of the Antichrist Elect, from 2010. Though many years have passed, the (hell)fire stills burns brightly in the Perditions Temple, and The Tempter’s Victorious sees the band perfecting their militant, malevolent brand of blackened death metal. However, band founder/scene veteran Gene Palubicki is joined by an elite cadre of new members here, including his old Angelcorpse guitar foil Bill Taylor (also of Immolation) and, on vocals, Black Witchery’s intimidating Impurath. Together, the revitalized quintet peal off one surging, contorting attack after another, their crush chaotic yet controlled, making The Tempter’s Victorious a swift eight-track tornado. Hear one of those tornadoes exclusively at THIS LOCATION, courtesy of Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Perditions Temple: The Tempter's Victorious

1. The Tempter’s Victorious
2. Extinction Synagogue
3. Scythes of Antichrist
4. Goddess in Death
5. The Doomsday Chosen
6. Chambers of Predation
7. Diluvium Ignus
8. Devil’s Blessed

In other Perditions Temple news, the band is slated to play Hells Headbangers’ forthcoming “Hells Headbash – Part 2” label anniversary festival, set for September 4-6 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Agora Theater and Ballroom. The band will join other such Hells Headbangers-affiliated bands as Satanic Warmaster, Profanatica, Archgoat, Midnight, Black Witchery, Inquisition, Deathhammer, Acid Witch, Deceased, Cianide, Deiphago, High Spirits, Demonic Christ, Nyogthaeblisz, Shitfucker, Destruktor, Nexul, Prosanctus Inferi, Hellvetron, October 31, Nocturnal Blood, Manticore, Cemetery Lust, The Haunting Presence, Sacrocurse, Gravewurm, and tons more. More info about “Hells Headbash – Part 2” can be found HERE.

Perditions Temple

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