Review – Perikato: Kovat Ajat

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Review – Perikato: Kovat Ajat
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Perikato: Kovat Ajat

Finnish Hardcore/Grindcore group Perikato present their second EP, this time through Ektro Records. It contains nine songs that clock in at six minutes and thirty seconds, all pressed on a seven inch vinyl. This has a strong raw audio quality at work, though the guitar chords end up a bit muffled despite the sharper and heavy distortion, and the vocals end up coming through pretty crisp. Sadly the snares can be a bit too abrasive with what seems to be a higher and wooden tuning.

“Katastrofin Uhalla” ends up more like a tantrum being thrown on the drums than any sort of grinding blast beat, and the faster chords are more like noise from the distortion than anything, leaving the chords themslves to sound a bit thin and weak. “Sukupuuttojenb Maa” does blast you the right way, and some additional Hardcore technicality helps shape the song to a furious assault. “Kovat Ajat” features some stronger guitar work. Again the distortion is a bit too much for the chords, though some leads really stand out in what short time they exist. “Kadotuksen Ytimessa” wraps things up with a high amount of energy all around, as well as some technical drumming, closing with a superb scream that will put hair on anyone’s chest, and make you wish more enthusiastic screams like it were presented.

Kovat Ajat has its flaws, largely due to the raw audio quality, but in the end has some good tracks. It’s sad the songs are as short as they are, as sometimes there seems to be room to push them a little more. Aside the issues with some parts of the drum kit and the high amount of static on the guitars, this is an abrasive Punk and Hardcore fuelled Powerviolence from Finland full of rage and rebellion. If this is your thing, you’ll definitely get a kick out of this EP despite the problems.

Score: 6.5/10

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Eye Ra Haze

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