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Prosody: The Dawn of Brutality
Hardcore, Metalcore, Thrash Metal
June 7th, 2013
Release length: 28:05
Prosody hails from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, which happens to be my neck of the woods. Formed back in 2011, the group has put their dues in with doing plenty of local shows and supporting some of the bigger names around here. In 2013, they took to the studio to record and self-release their debut full-length album The Dawn of Brutality. Do these Hardcore/Thrash Metal stars of the local scene bring their a-game to this effort, or does it fall prey more to the typical pitfalls of self-funded productions?

“Serenity’s Demise” makes for a nice introduction, hammering away with a chugging slower pace that builds the tension nicely, and makes for a superb start to a band’s own set. The build sets up the faster hook-filled “Slave of Addiction,” which highlights the tight drumming and enthusiastic shouting amid down-tuned guitars and a mid-level bass presence that sticks out in the mix when the guitars focus on technicality or solo. “United as One” pushes the chorus more into the Melodic Death Metal territory thanks to some of the leads, primarily around the start. The Thrash Metal roots cannot be ignored either, pushing through around the two minute mark with authority, especially when the clean slower break hits that might remind fans of the similar approach on the Annihilator classic “Stonewall.”

“Cleansed in Agony” kicks off with a trudging pace that will instinctively have you bobbing your head along to the main verses. The music does branch off into various directions from there. You get some cleaner riffs that are a lot softer and seem to act as an extended bridge, as well as material that displays a mild mid-tempo aggression. While they shift in and out well, the latter doesn’t really have the same bite until it picks up speed and additional intensity towards the end. Had it stayed a consistent slower pace, this would have been more engaging experience like “End of Your World.” It’s a perfect example thanks to the groovier riffs with a slight dirty Southern vibe that sticks to the restrained tempo for the first half. At first you won’t notice the tension being built about a minute in that leads to a deeper, hostile thirty second burst of energy, making the bass-driven breakdown as intense as it is burdening.

“The Dawn of Brutality” tries to live up to the name well thanks to furious riffs, but also throws some clean softer passages in to establishing a desolate environment. The violent segments stand out the most here, and the breakdowns feel natural to the progression of the song. Sadly, the biggest hang up here ends up the drumming, which can sound a bit too minimal for some of the simpler material like a minute and forty seconds in, as well as the three minute mark. The blast beats also seem a bit barren, underutilizing the louder cymbal crashes. Of course, this could very well just be a cosmetic issue from the audio levels of the instruments, or even the placement of the microphones, and not necessarily an issue with the quality of the song itself.

Prosody has had a decent amount of time to hone their sound, and for the majority of this release, they do present a voice largely their own. The Dawn of Brutality is a little varied, sometimes trying to cater too much to forcing all the styles they dabble with into one creation, causing distinctively different impacts despite sounding like one cohesive composition. But, if this and a few cosmetic issues end up the biggest problems here, then Prosody is already ahead of the pack as far as their direction goes. One spin with The Dawn of Brutality shows exactly why this band has built up such a sturdy fan base over the years, and given the amount of maturity on display already, it’s pretty safe to say these guys are worth keeping an eye on.

01. Serenity’s Demise – 0:50
02. Slave of Addiction – 2:28
03. Cleansed in Agony – 3:08
04. The Dawn of Brutality – 4:39
05. End of Your World – 4:30
06. United as One – 4:02
07. Kill Your Foe – 5:00
08. Victim of the Zodiac – 3:29
Initial Pressing Score: 8/10


Digital review copy of this release provided by Prosody.
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