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Psychostick: IV: Revenge of the Vengeance

Hey! Can ya blame the guys from PSYCHOSTICK to get a bit creative when they got time on their hands and a full studio at the helm before tour! Just like Reading Rainbow before, these laugh makers have a new cover track of one of their favorite childhood TV themes songs. Presenting to fans, the band’s latest metal cover for Bill Nye The Science Guy. Watch it HERE and get your science on:

Also mark down in you local concert listings as Bluebeards Original is proud to present the comedy masterminds of PSYCHOSTICK and the howling sounds of Wolfborne for dates across the US of A this July and August along with two dates in Oh Canada!! plus fest performances at Dirt Fest in Birch Run, MI and WIIL Rock Fest in Franksville, WI.

“Like Bruce Campbell fending off the Deadites, we have to load our van up like a boomstick and unleash jagged, chunky musical shards of METAL upon the country with Wolfborne. We’re even headin’ up to Canada this time! First they’ll wanna kill us, then they’ll wanna kiss us.” comments vocalist Rob Kersey.

With 21 tracks on ‘Revenge of The Vengeance’ that includes titles such as ‘Obey The Beard’, ‘Dogs Like Socks’, ‘Quack Kills’ (a song about Anatidaephobia: The fear of being watched by a duck), ‘Bruce Campbell’ (a tribute to the 21st century’s most beloved action hero), ‘NSFW’ featuring Bill Manspeaker (founder of Green Jello), a spoof cover of Kenny Loggins’ ‘Danger Zone’ and many more! There’s no wonder why these guys are the kings of parody metal!

‘Revenge of The Vengeance’ is available on iTunes HERE, all major online retailers plus the band’s online store HERE.


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