Review – Pyrition: The Burden of Sorrow (Single)

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Review – Pyrition: The Burden of Sorrow (Single)
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Pyrition: The Burden of Sorrow (Single)

Devoted legions of the modern Metal movements have a new supergroup to look forward to. Pyrition brings together Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying), Ryan Glisan (Alleaeon), and Andy Godwin (Embodyment), team up to present a brand more traditional Death Metal group called Pyrition. To mark the formsation, they are releasin a three song single titled The Burden of Sorrow, and it’s actually rather impressive.

“The Invention of Hatred” makes for a decent introduction, using some solid drumming skills, and doing more than just focusing on the drum or bass. It’s a decent song with hearing, though “Bleed Out” completely destroys it. It’ a punishing bludgeoning, hammering away with steady snares from the drum kit to push the authority of the groove-filled riffs. The varied mixture of gutturals and rhasps helps amp the intensity, though the shouting during the chorus is a bit out of place. “Rest in the Arms of Paralyzed Beast” is definitely more intricate in the guitars. This drains the atmosphere everywhere but the solo, and the breakdown at the end isn’t that great, taking forever to end and making this five minute track sound a lot longer. In the end, it’s really the only song that doesn’t make much of an impact, leaving the rest of The Burden of Sorrow a solid examples of the potential Pyrition possesses.

Score: 7.5/10


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