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The following is a list of all Metal releases that are due out in the next seven days based on promos and press releases received.

MAY 20TH, 2018:

MAY 21ST, 2018:

MAY 22ND, 2018:

MAY 23RD, 2018:
Carnifex [finland]: Pathological Rites (Xtreem Music)

MAY 24TH, 2018:

MAY 25TH, 2018:
Abjhor: Occulta religiO (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Alms: Act One (Shadow Kingdom)
Baptists: Beacon of Faith (Southern Lord)
Bleeding Through: Love Will Kill All (SharpTone)
Candlemass: House of Doom EP (Napalm)
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium: Fellatrix (Osmose Productions)
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium: Hostia (Osmose Productions)
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium: : Pornokrates: Deo Gratias (Osmose Productions)
H E X: H E X (Hummus)
Infrared: Saviours (Self-release)
Iron Void: Excalibur (Shadow Kingdom)
Luca Princiotta Band: Rough Blue (Metalville)
Majesty of Silence: Zu Dunkel Für Das Licht (Rockshots Records/ Extreme Metal Music)
Melan Selas: Reon (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Micawber: Beyond the Reach of the Flame (Prosthetic)
Nils Patrik Johansson: Evil Deluxe (Metalville)
PounderL Faster Than Fire 7″ (Shadow Kingdom)
Ritual Necromancy: Disinterred Horror (Dark Descent)
Sacrocurse: Gnostic Holocaust (Hells Headbangers)
Sadistik Forest: Morbid Majesties (Transcending Obsurity)
Svalbard: It’s Hard to Have Hope (Translation Loss, Perfect World Productions)

MAY 26TH, 2018:

Please note: I admit this is far from a complete, comprehensive list, but these are accurate to the dates given by the appropriate record labels and/or pr firms. All release dates can change at a moments notice. Also, an album that isn’t Metal at all may slip through the cracks and make it on this list (for which I apologize in advance for). I do my best, but sometimes I cannot sample all releases listed for various reasons, and I am left going by the label, band, or PR companies own word, not to mention may just be an idiot and completely overlooked something that in no way fits the site’s format.

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