Caliban: The Awakening

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Caliban: The Awakening
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Caliban: The Awakening
Century Media Records
May 25th, 2007
Release length: 43:18
One of the staple bands in the metalcore scene has been Caliban. Given that they have had some issues as far as the line-up, as well as final recording product goes (remember the poorly meshed vocals on the album Shadow Hearts?), it’s natural that a band would change their sound as time goes on. The only problem with that theory is that Caliban has been on a rather slick slope lately, and each release has just been going down hill since The Opposite From Within.

The music itself sounds heavy as hell, tight, and very well done in the final mix. The new vocalist does a decent job as far as the screams go, but sound awful as he sings. On “I Will Never Let You Down”, his vocal work against a sterotypical chorus sounds a bit off pitch with everything else. And even though they are many bands doing the screaming verse, sung chorus method, the song “Another Cold Day” would have greatly benefitted with singing during the chorus instead of such a loud scream that clashes, as well as the vocalist shouting the word breakdown before the actual breakdown that fades out with the song.

While some of the stuff on this album sounds rather generic, there are some really good songs on here. “My Time Has Come”, sadly has a very generic emo-like chorus that is sung with really aggrivating distortion, and also includes a slowed down guitar only bridge that really didn’t need to be there, and plenty of breakdowns to ruin the flow, but, hey, at least it has some kick ass music for the verses. “Life Is Too Short” is essentially the same, except the bridges between breakdowns are really fast and sound great for perhaps the worst song on the album. This seems to be the formula for a good majority of the songs on here, with the exception of “Rise And Fight” and “Nowhere To Run, No Place To Hide” which are just heavy mid-tempo songs that don’t have any of the aforementioned aspects screwing them up.

So the album has it’s moments. Much of the music on here is great, aside for when the chorus strikes. Sometimes the breakdowns may seem a little lazy (such as on “Another Cold Day”) but a good majority of them are well done and heavy enough to make you want to hardcore dance where you stand. But, the fact that there are only two really good songs on here, maybe a few more depending on how you look at the music. If the band focused more on the chorus of the song, keeping it heavy or not adding terrible distortion, perhaps this album could have been their shining moment. Instead, we’re given a somewhat bland album full of hope and promise. Oh well, maybe next time…

01. I Will Never Let You Down – 3:33
02. Let Go – 3:58
03. Another Cold Day – 3:34
04. My Time Has Come – 3:41
05. Life Is Too Short – 3:42
06. Give Me A Reason – 3:55
07. Stop Running – 3:18
08. The Awakening – 3:53
09. I Believe… – 3:20
10. Rise And Fight – 3:37
11. Nowhere To Run, No Place To Hide – 3:38
12. I’ll Show No Fear – 3:29
Overall Score: 2/10
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