REVIEW – Invictus: Burst the Curse

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  • Bio: "Heavy/Speed/Power-Metal inspired by early Helloween, Priest, Iron Maiden, Harry Belafonte and Blind Guardian" - Facebook
  • Label: Self-release
  • Release Date: March 15th, 2019
  • Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal
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Invictus comes to us from Germany, and is a brand new power metal act composed of some experienced musicians in the underground. Three come from the band Avator (who recently saw a revival with two new albums issued last year) as well as vocalist Nicolas Peter of Beerhammer. Guitarist Fabio Winter is the only member with no prior band experience credited to his name. Despite that, one can look at the line-up and assume this to be a strong new entity within the metal world. But does their debut EP establish them as an act to watch, or does it show a group that needs more time honing their sound and direction?

For a just over eleven minute EP, Burst the Curse is a surprisingly rough experience to sit trough. “Burst the Curse” introduces what Invuctus is trying to achieve, which is a blend of power and speed metal ideas. Musically the first half and conclusion are solid, though the lighter segment pre-guitar solo feels a bit forced and as pointless as the gang chants are fairly bland. Meanwhile “Someone Out There” pulls in a great deal of additional energy that makes the heftier, faster performance feel like the group actually enjoys this song in particular and put a great deal of time into it. A stark contrast to the acoustic “Gaia”, which stands more like toned down Angra or Manowar as opposed to the Helloween style that concludes this EP.

Look, none of this is to say Invictus isn’t going to go anywhere. The band’s past releases show the musicians involved have the talent, but it just isn’t fully recognized in this debut outing. “Someone Out There” is really the only of the three worth checking out, and hopefully the group continues to move in that direction. Until that day comes, we have Burst the Curse, which is a rough start for experienced members (most of which have worked together in the past) in a new operation.

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