REVIEW – NyreDolk: Demo

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  • Bio: n/a
  • Label: Caligari Records
  • Release Date: September 19th, 2018
  • Genre: Black Metal, Punk
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In the realm of the underground black metal scene, finding secretive acts is becoming increasingly common place in a world where mysterious auras and personas are often outed quicker than you could imagine. Of course, happening upon a nameless group or solo act without a member list is just as easy as hitting up the metal directory of Bandcamp utilizing the cassette sorting option, a favorite past time of mine. This is where we find the debut demo from NyreDolk, a two-man operation from Denmark with a visual representation similar to that of Brujeria or Ghoul. This black and punk metal duo have unleashed their first-ever release digitally, as well as in a very short run on cassette through Caligary Records, an independent label that continues to find some of the best the trenches of metal have to offer. But does this first impression four song recording boast anything worthwhile, or is this more a dud in the sea of lesser known entities?

The aforementioned visual comparison to Ghoul does go a little deeper than skin level. While that mixture of Impaled members plays a combination of death and thrash with some surf/rockabilly elements, NyreDolk take on a black metal and punk/crossover thrash approach that puts modern Dakthrone on notice. “Indvold” kicks things off with a mesmerizing drum performance reminiscent of patterns sometimes found on King Diamond‘s House of God album before shedding its skin into some lighter punk influence that does lose some of the venomous enthusiasm, yet still feels right at home nestled in the more analog quality of the release.

“Kadaeder” really amplifies that distortion to near-Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats levels, carrying a catchy enough rhythm and minor sludge output at times that can seem a bit too busy about halfway through, especially as the paces slows for the guitar solo. While not the most impressive of the four songs, it does bulk up enough to at least hold your attention before the implosive conclusion. And then there’s the final track “Blottet for Empati”, which stands as their darkest creation, as well as most suiting manner to end this gritty and often bleak slab of blackened rebellion. The haunting leads that come towards the end after a blistering start that whips at the listener with a hypnotic drum presence behind the thick guitars and echoing vocals come really close to mimicking an eighties synth score to a horror film of that era, screaming for fans of Necrophagia to latch right onto.

Overall, NyreDolk‘s debut demo is one worth taking note of, but, sadly, while impressive it does start to lose its appeal after a few spins. This is thanks largely to a similar drum pattern that creeps up throughout the four compositions, diluting some of the hostility on display when it creeps its ugly head into the mix. Thankfully that’s the only truly major issue to be had on this Demo release. So, if you are a fan of any bands listed above, you will find plenty of reasons to throw this just over thirteen minute offering back in from time to time. Given a little more time to explore their musical abilities and feel out the direction they want to take from the surprisingly varied offering, this two-piece can become a pretty noteworthy contender within the black metal underground.

PyreDigital review copy of this release provided by personal funds.