Raw – Artlantica: Across the Seven Seas

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Raw – Artlantica: Across the Seven Seas
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Artlantica: Across the Seven Seas

Across the Seven Seas marks the debut for Power Metal powerhouse, Artlantica, issued through Steamhammer/SPV. The ten song EP starts with “2012,” a doomsday song that introduces the band with catchy, somewhat relaxed and toned down music. Sadly, it hinders the odd, and very long breakdown towards the end, but the enthusiastic vocals and soothing melodies make this track well worth experiencing. “Devout” has another one of these breakdowns, but thankfully not as bland. This sends the album into the traditional Power Metal terrain you would expect from a Fantasy-based group, just a bit more down to Earth. It introduces a lighter vocal range, additional keyboards, and a slightly glorious environment that all sounds good, if not kind of generic.. Thankfully, this shakes those common bonds shortly after, but its not gone for good.

“Fight for the Light” shows off the faster, more aggressive side of the group, and it’s a solid one that needs to be heard. The layered vocal harmonies add to what subtle melodies exist, and the additional brief narration is handled seamlessly when called for. “Demon in my Mind” has some Classical riffs in a few bridges, but it’s another fast paced track with catchy hooks and a solid vocal performance that sounds richer than on other songs. Then there’s the ballad track “Ode to my Angel,” a beautiful piano piece by Mistheria that accentuates the vocal talents of John West perfectly, weaving a truly moving and inspiring song that stands as the crown jewel of this release.

Artlantica‘s Across the Seven Seas is definitely a must hear for Power Metal fans. There’s no denying the excellent dynamics this group has with one another, and if one member were swapped out it simply wouldn’t be the same, or anywhere near as high quality. Fans of the style should be put on notice and expect great things from Artlantica starting right now.

Score: 8.5/10


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