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Master: The New Elite
I woke up this early morning and checked my inbox real quick. Low and behold, there’s a package from Earsplit PR sitting there with the new Master album. I’ve been axiously awaiting this one, so while my fiancee was still passed out in bed, I used the excuse of needing gas in the car to throw this puppy in my stereo and go for a bit of an extended drive…

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard the entire thing, but at this point I definitely wanted to share something about it. The New Elite didn’t really surprise me, and it wasn’t the most unique thing I’ve heard so far, but up to this point there’s no denying it’s a pretty good offering. In the vein of early Death Metal acts like Death, Master seem to be incorporating more of a typical dirty and aggressive early Thrash sound as well. This isn’t exactly new, but it’s pretty rich and undeniable here.

The audio quality easily throws back to that early eighties Metal sound, and it really works out for what the group is going for here. I was a little let down that the bass kicks were more of a thud, but it does still work. The bass guitar stands out pretty nice though, and the guitars have a decent sharpness with a back-of-the-throat snarl to the vocals that feeds into that early Death Metal sound well. Regardless of what volume, blasting or lower, the recording still sounded really ood. Many of the songs were a pretty fast pace, though there were the mid-tempo sections that seem to have galloping vibe to them, but overall still came off like something out of the eighties.

There wasn’t any one song that really stuck out to me so far, and that’s a shame. But, at the same time nothing I heard let me down, and I don’t think it will. The New Elite is one of those albums that utilizes the group’s own tried and true methods with more typical concepts of the specific styles it dabbles in to make a solid recording you can throw in when you want to hear a serious and sinister recording, or if you just want background noise.

But, as far as the car ride itself went, well… The New Elite definitely came off more like background noise here and there. It didn’t exactly grab my attention to have me pay attention to the music and lyrics and keep me alert on the road, nor did it have an intensity that got my adrenaline going behind the wheel. But, for something to just have on during a long trip, at this point I can’t see it being a CD you’ll soon regret bringing with you for extended road trips.

Article based on digital review material provided by Pulverised Records.