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Moonspell: Alpha Noir

A few days ago I got my hands on the new Moonspell album, Alpha Noir. Trust me when I say I was anxiously awaiting this bad boy. The second I grabbed it from my inbox, I slapped it onto a blank disc, rushed out to the car, powered it up and had the disc already shoved part way before the battery even kicked on. I was on my way out anyway, so I figured this would be a great excuse to drown out my fiancee, or keep me killing the constant tailgaters or soccer moms doing twenty under the limit.since I was on my way out anyway. It made a fantastic travelling companion.

I got to hear the entire thing, and plenty of songs really struck me while driving. “Axis Muni,” “Lickanthrope” and “Alpha Noir,” amongst others, had me banging my head along, slamming my fist into the roof of the car to their beats, and even belting out some guttural vocals along with it when the chorus is simple enough for me to remember after hearing the lyrics just once or twice. “Alpha Noir” was one of the most energetic tracks to this release that I couldn’t help but let loose to.

The fiancee wasn’t really too happy with that…

Either way, just the start of the album had me feeling energized behind the wheel, and I had to restrain myself from putting too much pressure to the gas pedal. I admit I caught myself going pretty fast to many songs here, and I purposely took plenty of back mountain roads to enjoy that feeling. “Love is Blasphemy” really got into me though, which really made me tear up the roads. Thankfully I was on one of them that had a higher speed limit, otherwise had a cop been around I’m sure I would have been pulled over and ticketed. Either way, “Love is Blasphemy” really is the song I remember the most. The rest of the tracks aren’t bad, but with the wife-to-be constantly turning it down to keep me from going off road or getting into an accident, it took a few listens to really get a feel for the album behind the wheel when she wasn’t around.

The disc is still lodged in my player, and despite the number of other impressive albums I got in the mail recently, it’s staying. I wouldn’t say the album is as mesmerizing as Memorial, but it’s pretty damn close. The gothic atmosphere is there and rich with plenty of energetic tracks that sound as darkly beautiful as they are bluntly brutal. And, clearly, I do suggest this as a superb album to have with you at all times in your car, making your trip a hell of a lot shorter, but not in the sense of quality…

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