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Pillory: Evolutionary Miscarriage

This Memorial Day weekend was an absolute nightmare in which I asked for help and instead wound up awake for thirty straight hours with nothing but the filled to the brim home repair stores and congested holiday weekend city roads I was too tired to properly react to if anything were to jump out. So when it came to the traditional Sunday family gatherings for the day of remembering, I felt the need for something on the brutal side of life. This is where Unique Leader Records came into play. Going through the recent review submissions while taking their past roster into consideration I figured it to be a safe bet. One upcoming effort caught my eye: Evolutionary Miscarriage by Pillory. Having never heard them before let along heard of them, I slapped the files onto a disc and hit the open road to familiar, often dreaded destinations.

What came from the speakers wasn’t exactly the helpless brutality I was hoping for. Instead I was met with a broad performance that made me wish I hadn’t taken this broad a leap on a day such as this. Pillory was the Death Metal I craved, but with more of a fluid technical prowess sort of way. Think current Obscura except on Adderall or Clonidine that falls short every once in a great while to allow some tantric drumming to light up the performance so that it sounds like the build up to a Deathcore breakdown that could be categorized as the speed in which the song itself moves, such as during the title track a bit before three minutes in.

This isn’t to say that Evolutionary Miscarriage was a bad album or that I loathed it for not being that violent outburst necessary for me to stay sane throughout the day. Surprisingly it did fill that gap well enough to keep me going without throwing my car into reverse and running into the guy tailgaiting me at one point while pushing him into the other ignorant bastard that was doing the same to him in an effort to make an automotive/human hybrid (in more ways than one) centipede. It was the controlled performances that actually managed to help me find and keep my zen for temporarily.

Don’t get me wrong, Evolutionary Miscarriage isn’t exactly the kind of recording you are going to kick back with your favorite vice and congeal to. Those little violent outbursts felt rather natural when they hit, offering me a little treat for being such a well behaved little boy while the adults were playing with themselves. While none of the songs really stuck out to me, it wound up being the band’s precise timing that wound up where the best impressions were made. Sadly this is something that can only be made for a limited amount of time, and for me it was only about two spins before I started rooting around the car at red lights and stop asigns looking for something a little more substantial.

Did Evolutionary Miscarriage let me down? No, not really. At least not after going through the album a second time. Pillory is like the movement of water flowing down a stream. It’s a smooth ride with a very rocks thrown in the way to shake things. But that’s about it. Once you pass the subtle stage of awe over the timing and even execution of jumping into another style or speed entirely, there’s just not that much to really have you coming back. After a few spins, I feel like I’ve observed all there is to pick up on, and given there’s pretty much nothing really grabbing my attention other than a few areas that say “Hey, look at me! I’m heavy, I swear!” I’d rather just throw in something with a little more life next time as I’m just not that type of mellow enough individual to really enjoy this one as a repeat listen.


Digital review material for this article provided by Unique Leader Records via Earsplit PR.