Review – S.C.O.D.: Speak Chinese or Die

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  • Bio: "SCOD (Speak Chinese Or Die) is a DIY Chinese Band from Wuhan, China. We play a mix of fast music with grind, crust, punk and hardcore parts!" - Bandcamp
  • Label: Self-release, 5 Feet Under Records, Attention Deficit Grindcore Disorder Records (2016)
  • Release Date: November 11th, 2014 / May 1st, 2016
  • Genre: Grindcore, Powerviolence
  • Website: Visit Website
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Speak Chinese or Die, an obvious play on S.O.D.‘s debut effort Speak English or Die, is Asian grindsters S.C.O.D.‘s first ever full-length effort. This d.i.y. effort released back in 2014 independently and was intended to have a vinyl pressing, which didn’t happen to (according to the band) Magnetic Mastering cheating them out of nine hundred euros. Since then, it has been picked up by the UK’s Attention Deficit Grindcore Disorder for a limited cassette pressing, as well as further digital distribution. So is it safe to say it’s worth the funds, or are you better off saving for another random release (or grabbing it free from the group’s official Bandcamp account HERE)?

Truthfully, if they didn’t hint at being oriental, you’d think they were of Spanish descent. There’s really no obvious regional flair to their music, and what does exist actually consists of things similar to a back-of-the-throat “ariba!” shouting and pig snorts on “Viva Punk”, not to mention a general atmosphere that reminded me of early Disgorge recordings shortly into “愿意相信谁 ?”. There’s also some random so-cal input as well, such as during “吸血鬼舞”.

That said, Space Chinese or Die carries itself like a mixture of Nasum and Gadget with the sarcasm of Excrementory Grindfuckers. The combination manages to unleash a number of furious assaults like the underdog combat sports action film flicks of the eighties with “Underground Rules” thanks to that hard rock solo and the powerviolence soaked “Opportunist”, all laced with some comical entries like “Don’t Fade to Cry” and it’s Pantera “Cemetery Gates” introduction. There’s even “Happy New Grind” which is a joke version of “Jingle Bells”.

S.C.O.D.: Speak Chines or Die

While Speak Chinese or Die doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the table, it’s still a fairly short mixture of grindcore and powerviolence with some snark added for good measure. The blend of indecipherable rasps and constipated grunting only further cements the love for the nineties era of the style with a drive to just have some real fun with it all. If you have some spare cash lying around on a card somewhere, it’s worth throwing it down to grab this one on cassette from Attention Deficit Grindcore Disorder Records (which also nets you two bonus tracks), or grab it digitally at a “name your price” cost from the band directly HERE.

S.C.O.D.: Speak Chines or Die

Digital review copy of this release provided by personal funds.