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Swedish Death / Thrash Metal band SEPTEKH will release their debut full length album entitled “Plan For World Domination” on May 2nd, 2014. It contains 13 tracks of the Swedes´ peculiar brand of Death Thrash Metal. Distribution will be handled by Abyss Records, the same label responsible for releasing the previous two SEPTEKH records.

Septekh: Plan for World Domination

Track list:
01. Into The Void Of My Mind
02. Goin Down In Style
03. Saving Graces
04. Neanderthal
05. Don Asshole
06. Left Handed Man
07. Black Shores
08. The Man Who Died A Million Times
09. Superheated Liquid Iron Core
10. Eyes Of The Grave
11. Fuck Dollar
12. Desdaemonia
13. Plan For World Domination

The new album was recorded at the legendary Silence Studios (that have housed all from early 70´s prog bands to The Hellacopters and many other of Sweden’s greatest bands) and engineered and mixed by Josef Zackrisson.

The band says the album will showcase where they are today in 2014: “We are extremely proud to finally be able to share this sprawling twisted creation. This is the Plan, everything that came before were mere stepping stones. This is the full grown aural beast of Septekh”

Cover and photos by Marcus Claesson
Sculpture and concept by Richard Damm

Tour info and preview tracks coming soon!

SEPTEKH released “The Seth Avalanche” EP in 2012 followed by “Apollonian Eyes” EP (both on Abyss Records) in 2013. The same year also saw the release of an award winning music video for the song “Burn It To The Ground”. Watch it here.


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