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Shitfucker: Suck Cocks in Hell

Today, Detroit scum-crew SHITFUCKER premiere a depraved, ghastly video for (s)hit single “Sex Dungeon.” The track hails from SHITFUCKER’s debut album, Suck Cocks in Hell, released this past October through HELLS HEADBANGERS on both CD and LP formats. One of 2013’s most polarizing albums, critics worldwide either proclaimed SHITFUCKER’s Suck Cocks in Hell as one of the year’s BEST albums – or one of its WORST. Likewise, its cover art caused no small amount of controversy on both sides of the pond, once again polarizing critics into thinking SHITFUCKER are either the most clever of metallic miscreants OR the most juvenile and debased.

Either way, there’s no safe middle ground when it comes to these nuclear-wasteland zombies, whose sound approximates a toxic-waste accident involving MOTORHEAD, SODOM, GISM, and very early KISS – and a perfect representation of that filth & fury can be witnessed here. More SHITFUCKER news to be announced this year.

Press release provided by Hells Headbangers.