Review – Sinister: The Unborn Dead

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  • Label: Helldprod
  • Release Date: November 30th, 2014
  • Genre: Death Metal
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The Netherland’s Death Metal legends Sinister have returned with The Unborn Dead, a new two song EP. This seven-inch vinyl has been made available through the underground label Helldprod, and will only see a total of two hundred and fifty pressings made. What’s more, this is a collection of cover songs, spanning well known acts in both the Death and Doom Metal worlds. But is this random offering one that is worth shelling out whatever the cost may be to own, or is this nothing more than a quick cash grab?

First of all, The Unborn Dead carries a sincere raw analog quality to it, as if the songs were recorded sometime in the nineties. In fact, one can’t help but question whether or not these were songs recorded at some point back in the day to appear as b-sides for some other Sinister recording that never surfaced. Given how crisp the vocals can sound, and the fact that these seem to not have been released at some point, we’re probably just looking at something recorded from an in-home studio, or mastered to sound on par with a studio in the nineties. Either way, the quality of the music itself will have fans of Death Metal in general without negative remark, as it easily bolsters the impact of these two covers.

Up first is the cover of Grotesque‘s “Ripped From the Cross”. The early Death Metal sound and steady drum presence laced with an eerie atmospheric backdrop makes this one of the better versions out there. The twanging bass presence gives the music a little more bite, especially when the haunting guitar solo kicks in by the two-and-a-half minute mark prior to the very ominous grooves once more. And then there’s the Novembers Doom track “My Agony, My Ecstasy” to take in. While the previous cut is catchy as hell with some rich, somewhat distant buzzing on the guitars that make the grooves all the more addicting, this one carries itself with a darker, gothic tone that, while on par with the original composition, sounds more akin to something My Dying Bride would turn out.

SinisterThe Unborn Dead is a raw slab of seven-inch vinyl that is something devoted fans of Sinister will appreciate a lot more than just your casual every day listeners of the band. Both covers are done very well, and the raw audio quality often associated with the early nineties makes them feel all the more genuine. Of course, with a limited pressing of only two hundred and fifty official copies available, chances are good that if you miss out on this release, you’ll end up paying insane amounts out of pocket or resort to blackmailing those who refuse to let their copy go. But if you’re a loyal fan and can grab a copy at a fair price, The Unborn Dead is worth picking up.

SinisterDigital review copy of this release provided by Hellprod.