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Shortly after waking up and going through my morning routine, I hopped onto the ol’ ever trusty interwebs to see what my friends have been up to in my slumber. As soon as the Facebook home page had loaded, I found a message from one of my friends sitting there, informing me about a band that he had recently discovered called Advent Sorrow and provided me with the link. Given his taste for modern Black Metal groups, I decided to give this one a shot, but ran to the archives first to get more information about them. A Symphonic Black Metal meets Death Metal group, they had just recently released their debut independent EP, Before the Dimming Light in July of this year, and in October had issued a split with Númenor. Finding a Bandcamp player for the EP, I decided to sit down and give their five songs a quick spin to see if they are worth my time or not.

“Before the Dimming Light” spoke volumes of what the band is trying to achieve. The song itself did try to take on more of a Classical performance, but still held a bit of a gothic-era tone to the surroundings. Unfortunately, that was in the keyboard performance more than anything, which wasn’t too complex, or even breath taking. The other instruments seemed supplementary, only fueling the slight shifts in intensity that would build up towards the end, and for the most part it was all executed through simpler material. It was a good song for what it was, but it didn’t leave that fantastic an impression on me. In fact, I almost walked away from the recording entirely over it, and the audio.

One of the things that stuck out right away wias the crisp, digital production. I couldn’t help but feel it was slightly sterilized by it. I had to crank my speakers up to get what I would consider the most ideal bass presence out of each song. Knowing this was a Symphonic Black Metal style album, this sort of production was a little expected, but it just didn’t really have the bite I was hoping for, which just left me unimpressed by the group at first. Thankfully, I know better than to judge a band by one song, so I tackled the rest of the EP.

Once I got past the title track, I really started to get into the release a lot more. “The Wraith in Silence” was a much stronger performance that took the other instruments out of the supporting backseat and made them a far more important aspect, weaving a song that sounded like the entire band started working together instead of riding on the keyboards. The same with “A Porcelain Mistress” which really grabbed me with the intensity, especially in the vocals. That was one thing that stuck out well on “Before the Dimming Light” as well, and they do continue to show additional range up to this point. The harsher rhasps meshed with the deeper gutturals work for the symphonic traits of the recording, and with the far richer, more aggressive music continuing to grow, it’s more of a treat to listen to this band than like the task it initially was at the start.

By the time I finished Before the Dimming Light, I was able to see potential of the group, though still rather let down by the title track of the recording. This unsigned Australian Black/Death Metal band is definitely one of the more impressive ones I’ve seen in the Symphonic realm as of late, and this five song recording definitely sounds more mature than one would expect for a debut recording. I’m interested to hear the song they contributed to the aforementioned split, which I’m sure is floating about the internet somewhere, ready to be heard by those looking for it. Will I grab the EP? I very well might, and also keep a closer eye on this group, as should many of you.

Advent Sorrow: Before the Dimming Light
Advent Sorrow (band)
Article based on a public audio stream provided by Advent Sorrow.