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Behind the Grey

Behind the Grey is an unsigned Hard Rock and Alternative Metal group out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, which happens to be my neck of the woods. I heard the name thrown around a few times before, but it wasn’t until I reconnected with an old brother through Metal and their drummer, Mike Boniewicz, that I had a reason to check this five-piece out. Right now, the group only has two tracks available through their ReverbNation page, both of which come off their debut EP The Melody of the Man Left Standing, which were just recently posted.

Right away the production wasn’t top notch, but still crisp enough to capture the instruments well, and to get the point across in “Curtain Call.” This track definitely feeds into the modern Alternative Rock vibe you might hear on your local Rock radio station, and its done very well. The softer main verses give it a darker, but still pretty sleek vibe, and the addictive chorus gives the music a little extra bite that suits the harmonized shouting. The breakdown that erupts is perhaps the heaviest bit of the song, and when accompanied by the lead hooks towards its end, you’ll definitely have some extra energy pent up for the similarly heavy climax.

“The Wickerman” is a largely different approach, however. This takes on a bit of a psychedelic vibe at times, more akin with the likes of Alice in Chains with a very small hint of Lamb of God groove to the main verses. Some of the clean singing does go off key quite a bit, which can take you out of the song for brief periods of time, but doesn’t destroy the entire experience. It isn’t as catchy or addictive, but the chorus does end up rather memorable and ripe for radio air play.

Behind the Grey aren’t really breaking any new ground, but for a modern Alternative Rock group with shades of some Alternative Metal scattered about, they definitely have the chops to make a play for the mainstream. The only things that could be better about these songs would be a production quality that is a little richer and more vibrant than the hollow, yet surprisingly crisp sound it currently has, as well as some more on-key clean singing. But, neither of these faults take too much away from the performances, and leave a promising hint towards what their debut EP The Melody of the Man Left Standing has in store for anyone willing to give it a chance.

Article based on material on Behind the Grey‘s ReverbNation page.