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Emblazoned was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin back in 1999, but chances are good you haven’t heard of them. The Black Metal band issued their first demo, Nocturnal Arsonist, back in 2001. Four years later, they found themselves signed to Funeral Verse Records to issue their first official EP, A Ceremony of Hellfire. It’s been eight years since that release, and now they find themselves on Deepsend Records with yet another new EP dropping. The Living Magisterium is due out early next month, and they’ve already started pushing it on Facebook, and threw a new song from it on ReverbNation with “Bound by Eternal Penance.”

This makes for a nice little introduction to the band if you’re like many others who have yet to hear their material. Prior to this push, I never even knew the band existed honestly, but this single has me rather anxious to hear the rest. The mixture of crushing bass and deep guitar riffs take away from the traditional razor-like distortions of most modern Black Metal artists, but still incorporate some blast beats in the vein of the third generation that become a visceral assault that goes right for the jugular. The mixture of gutturals and rasps is nothing new, but lead to a punishing conclusion as well, leaving you complete, making me crave the full EP, and even want to hunt down their previous outing!

So, if you’re a fan of Black Metal, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with Emblazoned. Sure, this one song isn’t enough to base an opinion on entirely, and there’s most of a brutalising Death Metal presence than a blackened one, but this song is simply a very promising offering. Of course if you head on over to the player on their Facebook player, you can download this song for yourself. I already did, and it’s added to my next compilation disc for the car.

Emblazoned (band)

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