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End of September:
End of September came to my attention thanks to an ad on Facebook that suggested fans of Within Temptation and Evanescence would enjoy them. So, of course, being a fan of earlier Within Temptation, as well as some of their more recent things, I decided to give it a shot, but brace for the worst. I went in with an open mind and a general expectation of a good couple songs to hear. Instead, despite the album apparently now being available for purchase in Europe and North America, I was only greeted with an album teaser…

Unfortunately, I cannot really tell you any song names that were played, just that the sampler on their account lasts four minutes and seventeen seconds. There was some additional information available though, and that’s one of the reasons this page caught my attention. This group hails from Växjö, Sweden. More times than not, bands from this country usually put out some strong music, original or not, that I can really get into. Upon reading the short band biography, you’ll learn that they formed back in 2009, but nothing else really other than the band member names on the side, the label they are signed to being Ulterium Records, their website, and that Erik Tordsson is clearly the man behind the band.

Despite the more egotistically composed biography (not even mentioning any other member except vocalist Elin Redin leaving out bassist Johan Nöjd and drummer Johan Svensson), I was still compelled to hit the play button. To my surprise, I did actually enjoy my time with the teaser, as well as let it run for a good thirty minutes. There is one song on it, however, that I couldn’t get too into, and it’s the one with the horrible and pointless distortion on Elin’s vocals. Nothing here really stands out, but overall much of it was just a subtle, atmospheric performance that reminded me exactly of Evanescence, but with a vocalist that doesn’t try to rip that band right off every moment that her mouth is open. Yes, it doesn’t really sound too different compared to other bands, but many of the songs have a bit of a laid back quality with a really good production to them. The keyboards are a little louder in it, but only appear here are there, as well as are a simple contribution. This is one reason it all seems to work so well, at least in this teaser.

But, one thing that struckm me was the Elin’s range, and how well she can match the emotion and tone of the music being played. This is one of the biggest frustrations for me when it comes to the female fronted Gothic Metal/Rock group, and it’s that either the lead singer doesn’t match the music at all, or just goes way off the deep end with an off-the-wall performance that shows her trying too hard. You can tell she’s not trying to push herself to hit notes she can’t. Aside her contributions, the guitars have a nice heavier sound to them as well, which helps give it a bit of an edge that you can easily let yourself go with and move your head along too. There’s also a decent amount of variety in the music, such as slower duets and more enthusiastic faster passages, all of which the drums seem to play a key role in, as well as the supporting bass, both adding to the impact of the rhythm. Of course, the click of the bass kicks come through the most, but without being overbearing.

While I’m not ready to run out and buy this release just yet, End of September has definitely peaked my interest as a good example of what a female fronted Gothic Metal/Rock group could be. There’s enough of a unique vibe to the music that kept me from saying I’ve heard it all before, and between the emotional music and the heavy production, it stands out among the many others available, at least by the teaser’s standards. If you happen to get the chance, check out this group’s Facebook account and give the teaser a spin. It’s free, you don’t have to click Like in order to even hear it for the first time, and it won’t even take you five minutes to give this group a chance. Who knows, you may end up enjoying them, even if you’re as burnt out on this style of music as I am.

End of September (Band)
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