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Fall: From Ashes

There are a few bands out there using the name Fall, but the one I’m addressing here is the group from Portland, Texas. The unsigned group doesn’t really have much information available about how the group formed, but it does outline that this is a three piece Metal act. What spurred my interest was a Facebook ad that the group’s new single was released, and featured guest vocals from Soilwork frontman Björn “Speed” Strid. Aside that new song, there are three additional songs on the player from their 2009 Demo.

Things kick off with “From Ashes,” the new single featuring Strid, and it isn’t too bad an offering. It’s clear the recording was an independent one without much of a strong financial backing, but still a modern one. The music isn’t too bad, showing a clear influence from Soilwork and bands like them, which is outlined in their “inspired by” section of the About Me page. The pace here is roughly a mid-tempo with a traditional yelling approach with some slightly technical melodic chords you might find in early to mid-nineties periods of the style. Unfortunately, they don’t quite have the impact you would hope thanks to their deeper sound that holds them back during these faster passages. However, the main verses and the chorus sound pretty good, offering up a subtle change in the music with a strong bass and drum presence felt throughout, and a nice clean singing section that makes up the guest spot that gives a nice contrast to the low-pitched material essential to the song.

The demo tracks have a lower audio quality to them, and it works nicely with the songs. The only gripe is how washed out the cymbals end up sounding. Other than that, the lower volume actually works with the slight emotional drive that shows up. “…to Dust” kicks things off with a mixture of faster riffs that find some good screaming behind them, as well as some slower passages that make up that more passionate sound of the track for the chorus. This is accompanied with some clean singing, which is actually done very well. But “The Fires Below” offered up the more impressve look at the band with a bit of a Progressive tone to the guitars. The drumming was a little more complex against really strong atmospheric guitars and softer clean singing, making up a very impressive start. Once it ends, the track goes into traditional Melodic Death Metal territory with faster riffs, catchier leads, but still similar drumming. “An Empty World” ends the playlist, coming off similar to “…to Dust,” just without as much of an emotional pull. It has a strong performance all around though, but the clean singing actually tries to build up some kind of atmosphere that just isn’t there and end up being a bit too much for the song.

Overall, the band’s player on their Facebook page shows some talent. Sure, “An Empty World” wasn’t the best, and their new single wound up being a little too deep musically to hold that much of a bite, but all four tracks do still show some potential. Fall is definitely a group worth checking out, and clearly have a bit of their own idea as to how to tacle the Melodic Death Metal scene without falling in unison with the rest of the other bands trying to rip off today’s more modern sounds. This is a welcome breath of fresh air, and if you have a little while to kill, I do suggest sitting down with this player. It may be four songs, but their longer track lengths and lack of repetition make for an enjoyable experience.

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