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Spear Induced Carnage
Brutal Death Metal


It’s been a while since I just randomly checked out a band through advertisements on social networking sites. However, when I caught a glance of the suggestion on the side of Facebook for a band called Spear Induced Carnage, well, how could one not immediately forsake everything to check these guys out? The Vancouver, Washington based Brutal Death Metal act is hosting a number of songs recorded through their official ReverbNation account, which include material from their previous two self-released EPs, as well as their most recent demo from 2010. But was it a nice little distraction from the recent increase in site-related work on my plate, or was it only an infuriating waste of time?

I’m assuming the first three tracks on the playlist (at the time of writing this article) are taken from their 2010 Promo demo. There does end up a bit of variety as far as the audio quality goes, but despite that, it’s a fairly punishing creation. The guitars are nice and beefy, jumping between furious paces and the random crushing slam that is probably much more powerful in person than on these recordings. “Frontal Labotomy” is proof of those issues, especially towards the end with the solo that seems to lose all bass before wrapping up with a mild breakdown. “M.R.S.A (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus)” sounds a bit thin as well, but there’s a nice mixture of Mortician style chord progression that seems to be laced a bit too much with standard Deathcore one-chord chugs that dilute the final product into more of a standard Waking the Cadaver or early Job for a Cowboy romp. This winds up the polar opposite of “Everyone is Dead”, a solid slab of Brutal Death Metal that wound up the more memorable performance.

What I heard on the others tracks was just as varied and impressive as the demo tracks. “Shotgun Artery Blast” channelled a bit of Goregrind with some traditional raw Death Metal cavernous undertones, though the haunting gutturals during the slam were irritating with how they simply sounded like someone breathing into the microphone. And then there was “Programmed for Carnage”, which, at first, didn’t intrigue me thanks to the traditional Deathcore values on display that “M.R.S.A (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus)” nearly abused, though the distant guitar solo really stood out in a toned down Braindrill sort of way. “Brain Surgery Impalement” definitely caught me by surprised, however, really utilizing the analog quality with infectious grooves and a heavy bass presence that just made the performance far more vile.

Spear Induced Carnage was a nice little surprise, not to mention a welcome distraction from the recent site host transition I’m dealing with at the moment. A quick run through what the band has released in 2008 and 2010 made me anxious to hear what the band has in store after all these years of studio silence (at least according to the list of releases I’ve found on various sites), but some of the songs that skirt the line between Brutal Death Metal and typical modern Deathcore definitely leave me on edge. What comes next may wind up being the most defining release for the group, and I’m hoping it’s more brutality than simple one-chord chugs for breakdowns. If you haven’t heard these guys yet, then you need to give the ReverbNation playlist a couple spins in preperation for what has the potential to be another solid band in the Death Metal underworld that could easily find a home with the likes of Unique Leader Records.

Spear Induced Carnage

Article based on a public audio stream/playlist.