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Checking my Facebook for any upates, I’m met with an Ad for a band called Sterbhaus. It describes the band as “sweet” Thrash Metal. There may havw bwwn more but that’s all I saw at the time. Well, with a summary like that, of course I had to give it a shot. The link directs me to a Bandcamp stream through their page, which is of their independent debut full-length Angels for Breakfast …and God for Lunch. With impressive artwork making my curiosity grow more, I dive right into the public stream.

There’s no denying the group carries a modern Thrash sound with them, but with a little more technicality than you might expect from a recent Exodus effot. The production ends up being rather crisp, and clearly digital. Everything is leveled just right to keep one instrument from drowning another out, and the vocals are just a little louder. The rhaspy approach gives off an enthusiastic performance, though sometimes I couldn’t help but picture a pirate doing the vocals, as if a suiting replacement for Alestorm if need be. This may seem comical at first, but it works perfectly for the music, especially when the music slows down such as with “Ripping the Pope” and a blackened chill comes over the music.

Progressing through the album, that pirate-esque ton in the vocals does depart, and the Black Metal input becomes more evident. There’s a good deal of aggression in the performance, aw well as from the music. The guitars bring a pretty sharp performance that stands out in the blacker sections more than anything else. Unfortunately, the rest of the material does suffer sometimes here and there. Thankfully it seems to largely be from the production and not the group itself, as some areas can sound a little empty in the faster sections that utilize simpler riffs.

Angels for Breakfast …and God for Lunch actually shows a band that has grown well since they formed. One spin with the album and I can see these guys easily being picked up if they aren’t already and I missed it on the Bandcamp page somehow. Either way, this tight performance is one well worth checking out, and Strbhaus is easily a bande that is well worth keeping a close eye on now, and in he future.

Sterbhaus: Angels for Breakfast ..and God for Lunch
Sterbhaus (band)Article based on public audio stream provided by Sterbhaus.