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The Dresden Codes

When it comes to Deathcore today, I honestly haven’t really come to expect a lot from the style. But, when I see a band being advertised through the Facebook “Sponsored” side panel, I’d at least expect some audio from them, especially in this field. An indecipherable band name is cool and all, and so are your constipated faces that clearly were an attempt to intimidate me and failed, but more importantly how am I going to like your band if all you have it your location, what you play, and how much you love the style? Yes, this is common for the pages of any social network site for new bands of this style, and that’s fine for your friends and if you’re out playing live shows prior to hitting the studio, but why waste your money when nobody really can hear if you’re worth actually hitting that Like button? Well, I finally happened on a Deathcore band through that aforementioned manner who did have something to listen to. The Dresden Codex loaded their single, “Solipsism,” to their page’s band tab. While it may not be much, it’s a good start in a financial manner. So, why not give it a listen?

To be perfectly honest the second it started I couldn’t make out what it was I was listening to. Everything sounded horribly off-beat  while trying to capture a mixture of something Suicide Silence may play, a faster Brutal Death Metal sound that was obvious but hard to follow. The rhythm is there but it seems like the members are just not on the same page. It sadly does happen here and there through the song as well. It doesn’t help the audio is weak to begin with, which is something I commonly expect from a new/unsigned band recording demo material. The vocals here are a higher rasp approach throughout the whole song outside the breakdown that hits, and then it sounds like the typical cupped microphone approach with some additional pig squeals that are alright, though again not really that necessary. Prior to that there’s also background Hardcore back-of-the-throat screams that honestly don’t need to be there at all, coming off a bit weak, though a lot better later on. Surprisingly, the same can be said about the music. It’s interesting that the song starts out more like an experimental track with off-beat rhythms, which it clearly isn’t and just sounds like the band was off time with one another, and then slowly gets back into the swing of things and gets tighter as the end nears. The conclusion of the song ends up being pretty intimidating for a Deathcore track and utilizes the breakdown conclusion very well.

I wasn’t all that impressed by “Solipsism,” as it’s clear the band is still fresh and needs to work out some kinks in their music. The raw audio didn’t help, but didn’t really hurt the band either. Right now, I can’t say this is a band worth following, or even really one I’d hit the Like button for outside of encouragement and respect for recording something in the first place, but that’s largely due to the fact that they only have one song loaded, and it really isn’t the most impressive effort for the style outside the conclusion and a few passages here and there. I admit I wouldn’t mind hearing some better quality material later on down the line, but after the band matures a little more and tightens their sound, as well as their timing.

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