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Tyrants Blood

Amid the chaos of multiple hard drive failures, I finally managed to start getting things in order. Up first is the resurrection of Socially Networked, and up on the chopping block today is a band called Tyrants Blood. They happen to be signed to Mutilation Records at the moments, and just released their third full-length album, Into the Kingdom of Graves. The band reached out to me last month to check their music out on Facebook, and after a long period to fighting inbox demons and restraining my urge to take a hammer to this piece of crap Gateway laptop, I never had the time until now. And, I have to say, the urge to use said hammer has never been stronger thanks to what I’ve missed out on.

There’s a total of seven songs on their Facebook player, dating all the way back to their 2008 EP, Prophecy. But, up first is some cuts off their new album. “Spiral Sea” acts as a creepy introduction thanks to the ambient background noise and twisted, reversed voices and shouting before the bludgeoning chaos and technicality erupts. The madness, comparable to recent Deiphago, hammers away with a nice vocal range of somewhat deep gutturals and harsher shouting while the rich bass pumps pumps through the speakers, and even gets its own solo later on. “Revelations in Damnation” kicks off with an commanding marching rhythm pushed by the drums, spending a good deal of time before hammering in with technical guitar work and periods of blast beat fuelled insanity that is still catchy enough to have you bobbing your head along in many spots.

Their second album, Crushing Onward Into Oblivion, is on display next with the song “Cast Into Hell. This one isn’t quite as technical, and the audio a bit thinner with the cymbals pulled straight to the front. Much of the song relies on largely melodic Black Metal riffs, as well as what seem to be layered vocals. While not quite bludgeoning, its sharper sound and faster pace still make for an intense three minute ride. “Torn from the Sky” starts off by hammering away with intricate chords and blast beat timing, finding largely harsher vocals punishing the listener. The performance itself is impressive, but at the same time it ends up coming off more like the band is simply showing off to the point where it all just starts to become noise. Thankfully “Slithering Into Exile” doesn’t start this way, having more of a Folkish start to the riffs this time around. It doesn’t last too long, reverting back to the more technical Black Metal style of performance once more, which isn’t too bad despite the vocals sometimes coming through a bit tinny. When the pace slows down, the riffs from the songs introduction do reappear, or just generally end up carrying a catchy groove that makes for a nice break in the madness.

“Prophecy” marks the start of the Prophecy EP material, and it’s a solid modern Black Metal assault. Again, it isn’t quite technical, but it ends up catchy with a decent amount of aggression felt in the venomous guitar chords. The vocals at this point seem to have largely been a raspy approach akin to the Black Metal style, but match the energy of the performance as well. Finally there’s “Destruction Consuming,” a very drum heavy track that keeps a solid Death Metal rhythm that comes off a bit on the ritualistic side. This beat remains consistent through much of the song, though some additional leads do mix things up, as well as introduce a chaotic guitar solo about half way through, throwing things back into Black Metal territory.

Tyrants Blood has become one hell of a technical powerhouse. Mixing Black, Death, and Thrash Metal genres together to the point where the lines between them are completely blurred, their new material will easily make you want to run out and just destroy any and all living things near by. Their earlier material, as represented in their Facebook player, isn’t quite as strong, and does show a band that has been nurturing their sound over the years. Either way, Tyrants Blood is a band well worth paying attention to, as it wouldn’t surprise me to see them wind up on a larger metal label.

Tyrants Blood: Into the Kingdom of Graves
Tyrants Blood

Digital review material for this article provided by Tyrants Blood through their Facebook page.