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Wakk Thuu

So, as I was sitting here wrapping up a review for the site, I got a random invitation on Facebook to “like” the band Wakk Thuu. Just who the hell is Wakk Thuu, you ask? Well, I asked myself that same question. Apparently they are a four-piece Grindcore outfit out of Kathmandu, Nepal, and their name roughly translates to “disgusting behavior” according to the “about me” section of their ReverbNation page, and, no, those songs aren’t screwed up MP3 uploads, that’s their legit material.

First of all, I hit up the audio player on their Facebook page, and was met with the unmastered and lie versions of “Sabai Dhwasta parne KT,” which is literally one second long, though the live version features some general stage banter. “Fuck Basi Momo” was another live track that wound up being maybe twenty-five seconds after the feedback ended, and it was hard to tell if the track was any good due to the quality. “Achi Black Metal” found some Black Metal-esque riffs in the start that suddenly gave way to blasting Grindcore fury in a very Punk manner. Finally “Queen Elizabeth,” another live track, had a catchy bass groove for a few seconds before the three seconds after said intro kicked in.

Desperate to hear something more than a few seconds, I found their Soundcloud page with a few more tracks. “Achii Black Metal” had a jam mix with a better quality that showed off the less-than-serious nature of the band with a stronger audio quality. But, this was the only different track from the ReverbNation player on said Facebook account.

In that same summary mentioned earlier, there’s a line that reads “obviously does not have to ever worry about being confused with any other band.” Unfortunately, this isn’t true. There are plenty of bands like them around. For example, there’s Excrementory Grindfuckers who have done short sarcastic songs in the past, but largely just parody commercial hits in hysterical grinds. You can also find a hefty selection of bands that perform this kind of stuff on the early Earache Records catalogue. Wakk Thuu aren’tt exactly noise thanks to the obvious blastbeats and growling, but this group is clearly a very niche group meant to cater to the die-hard Grindcore fans who enjoy a good laugh amid a few seconds of audio violence.

Would I ever listen to them? No. But, judging by he live tracks, they clearly have an audience for their sound, and in the end that’s all that matters.

Wakk Thuu

Digital review material for this article provided by Vishal Vof of Wakk Thuu.